Brenn is our family name.

Our Brenn family ancestor came to America in 1846 from Bötzingen, Germany, settling in Prattsville, Greene County, NY. In the year 1846, Bötzingen was a town in the Kingdom of Baden. Our ancestor John Brenn, sold his wine vineyards to his brother when he emigrated to America.

Several decades ago, I traced my Brenn family line to the protestant church in the town of Bötzingen, Germany. I spent 6 years researching microfilmed records through 300 years of the protestant church in Bötzingen, taking me back to the mid 1600’s. While researching this church record, I made note of any person carrying the Brenn family name, whom the record listed as emigrating to America.

I have a huge family tree on which includes all the Brenn family lines I have researched, those related and unrelated to me.

If you are interested in your Brenn family tree, I am happy to visit with you.